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Who is INTI Audiovisual?

We are a platform created by passionate individuals from the audiovisual sector for those seeking to master the art and technique of this fascinating field.

Our purpose is simple, yet audacious: to democratize audiovisual education and make it accessible to all. We understand that the audiovisual is a realm that combines precise technical skills with profound artistic expression. Therefore, our pedagogical approach focuses on merging these two elements to provide comprehensive and enriching training.

Through our courses and learning materials, we aspire to provide enthusiasts and professionals of all skill levels and backgrounds the necessary tools to refine their craft, express their creative vision, and ultimately transform the audiovisual sector.

Through our blog, courses, and learning materials, we aspire to provide enthusiasts and professionals of all skills and backgrounds the necessary tools to perfect their craft, express their creative vision, and ultimately transform the audiovisual sector.

We, at INTI Audiovisual, come from diverse backgrounds and brought our own experiences, triumphs, and struggles in this field. From these experiences, we understood that the necessary change in the audiovisual sector begins with quality education. We firmly believe in the power of education to open doors, break barriers, and enable individuals to reach their full potential.

We hope you find in INTI Audiovisual an ally, a guide, and a community. We are excited to be a part of your journey in the audiovisual world. Welcome aboard. Together, let’s make this sector more inclusive, innovative, and exciting.

Origin of the Proposal

Being radical in the philosophical sense of the word, we understood that the problem arises in education, like so many others. We decided to commit ourselves and expand the possibilities to people who want to get started and become professional in the sector. Audiovisual is a hybrid discipline between the artistic and the technical, we believe that being an art, it is a vocational profession and the contents must be accessible.

At INTI Audiovisual we believe that the Internet and our own desire to learn are what have made us become professionals beyond our higher education.

We are the union of many young professionals in the audiovisual sector, our union arises from the need for change within the sector. We do not agree with the current management or with some of the principles and values of the companies that currently dominate the audiovisual market.

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The Union of Artistic and Technical

At INTI Audiovisual, we conceive the world of audiovisual as a wonderful encounter between the artistic and the technical. We believe that this discipline, in its essence, is a dance between creativity and precision, a symbiosis where imagination and technology converge to create impactful works.

Art is the spark of inspiration, the original vision, the emotive narrative that touches hearts and awakens minds. It is in art where the ideas we want to convey are born, the stories we wish to tell, and the emotions we yearn to evoke. Without art, images and sounds would be empty and devoid of meaning.

On the other hand, technique is the medium through which this art is manifested. It is the detailed knowledge of cameras and equipment, the deep understanding of light and sound, the skill to edit and enhance captured images. Without technique, art would be only a vision, an unattainable dream.

At INTI Audiovisual, we are committed to merging these two crucial aspects of the audiovisual. Our courses and learning materials seek not only to convey the essential technical knowledge to handle equipment and software, but also to develop the artistic ability to see and capture beauty, emotion, and narrative in everyday life.

We believe that anyone aspiring to be part of the audiovisual sector should have the opportunity to learn both the art and the technique. That is why we are committed to providing a comprehensive education that integrates both aspects, preparing future professionals to create audiovisual content that is technically impressive and artistically resonant.

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Our Commitment to Education

At INTI Audiovisual, we deeply believe that education is the key to progress, innovation, and change. Aware of the challenges and difficulties that the audiovisual sector faces, we are determined to do our part to transform and improve this field through education.

We consider that the origin of many problems in the audiovisual industry lies in the way it is taught and learned. Therefore, we are committed to providing more inclusive, accessible, and meaningful education for all those who wish to join this sector.

In our endeavor to expand possibilities, we are constantly developing and providing high-quality and easy-to-understand learning materials. Our goal is to demystify the audiovisual field, presenting it not only as a professional sector but also as a form of artistic expression that is within everyone’s reach.

Furthermore, we strive to cultivate a rich learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. We want our students to feel empowered and confident to explore, experiment, and ultimately find their own voice in the audiovisual world.

Our commitment to education is not limited to mere transfer of technical knowledge. We also strive to foster a deeper understanding of the ethics and values that guide our industry, so that our students become not only competent professionals but also valuable and responsible contributors to society.

At INTI Audiovisual, we are convinced that a robust and meaningful education is the first step towards a more equitable, diverse, and innovative audiovisual sector. And we commit to doing everything we can to help make this vision a reality.

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